Flipkart Big Billion Day Offers

11:54 am

#Flipkart has launched THE BIG BILLION DAYS - Mobiles & Accessories Offers (15-17 October) having unbelievably crazy deals across all #Mobiles, #Accessories and #Wearable #Smart #Devices categories.

Valid Only On App - Download App at http://fkrt.it/2JhfzNNNNN

Lenovo Mobiles :

Flat Rs.800 Off on #Lenovo K3 Note : http://goo.gl/a59L2A
Flat Rs.800 Off on Lenovo A6000 Plus : http://goo.gl/h8yteP
Flat 20% Off on Lenovo A2010 : http://goo.gl/4bdj1n

#Mi Mobiles :

#Redmi 2 Prime at just Rs.6,499 : http://goo.gl/cdBFzu
Flat Rs.2,000 Off on Mi 4 (16GB) : http://goo.gl/YGVkgR
Flat Rs.3,000 Off on #Mi4i : http://goo.gl/oBeJdN

#Moto Mobiles :

Launching Moto G2 (LTE) at just Rs.8,999 : http://goo.gl/vMsuxS
Moto E2 (4G) at just Rs.5,757 : http://goo.gl/qlLqTq
Moto G3 (16GB) at just Rs,12,999 : http://goo.gl/vHe7GJ
Flat Rs.1,500 Off on Moto X Play : http://goo.gl/eYyGJ1
Flat Rs.2,000 off on Moto G2 (3G) : http://goo.gl/Z238fl

#Asus Mobiles :

Asus Zenfone C at just Rs.4,999 : http://goo.gl/3w0bX0
Asus Zenfone Go at just Rs.7,999 : http://goo.gl/1si26H
Flat Rs. 800 Off on Asus #Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5 : http://goo.gl/xwH8ZJ
Extra Rs.3,000 Off on Asus Zenfone 2 (2GB RAM) : http://goo.gl/bWuu4k
Flat Rs.1,000 Off on Asus Zenfone 2 Selfie : http://goo.gl/irJZrF
Extra Rs.2,500 Off on Asus Zenfone 2 (1.8 GHZ, 4GB RAM) : http://goo.gl/NEiJEv

#Honor|| #Samsung || #Sony Mobile Offers at : https://www.facebook.com/notes/1103805626304280/


MObile #Accessaries :

Flat 60% Off on #SkullCandy Riff Headphones : http://goo.gl/SS0d2Q

Min. 40% off on #JBL #Headphones : http://goo.gl/HfSCs1

Min. 35% off on High Speed memory Cards : http://goo.gl/qFr0ed

Honor 13,000 mAh Power Bank at just Rs. 999 : http://goo.gl/fR3k1r


Big Billion Special Offers : http://fkrt.it/VaaVCuuuuN

Mobile Offers : http://fkrt.it/0Xz4TNNNNN

Mobile Accessaries : http://fkrt.it/VGeTCuuuuN

Just Launched Offers : http://fkrt.it/VF7~luuuuN


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