How to Post in Unlimited Facebook Groups in Single Click

Features of Ninja Blaster :

  • Post To Groups You’re A Member Of.
  • Select Groups You Want To Post To.
  • Select the Image.
  • Select The Delay Between Each Post.
  • No Stupid Facebook App Needed.
  • Keyword Related FB Group Search.
  • Select How Many Groups To Join.
  • Very Easy To Use.
  • 1 Click And The Ninja Join Groups.
  • Massive Time Saving.
  • Massive Income Potential.
  • Keyword Research Feature.
  • Simply Import Your Keywords.
  • Ninja Suggests The Best Keywords.
  • 5 Level Deep.
  • Best Longtail Keywords.
  • 5 Different SE (google,bing..)
  • Amazing Picture Resizer.
  • Resize Your Pictures With 1 Click.
  • Keep Proportions.
  • Fast And Quick.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Save Your Bandwidth.
  • Save Your Time.
  • Start Promoting Your Brand.
  • See Instant Results.
  • Massive Traffic Potential.
  • Get Viral In Minutes.
  • Simulated Human Activity.
  • Use As Many FB Accounts As U Want
  • Save A Lot Of Time And Money.

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