How to Create a Blog Using

To start using Blogger, simply sign in with your Google Account. (If you use Gmail, Google Groups, or YouTube, you already have an account.) If you don’t have a Google Account yet, you can create one here .
Visit the Blogger Homepage and enter your Google username and password to sign in.
Now type a display name (this is how you will appear as the site author) and accept Blogger’s Terms of Service. Finally, click “Create a Blog” to start creating your first blog!
On the next page, you’ll be asked to chose a title and URL for your blog 

Tip : Choose a title which is relevant to the content of your site, perhaps including a keyword or two connected to your content. This will help people find your blog more easily in search engines. It’s also useful to match the URL to the title of your site, as in the example above.
Next, pick a “starter template” from the selection further down the page. You can easily change or customize this later, so for now just choose the style you like best.
Finally, click the orange “Create Blog” button and your blog will be ready to use! You can start publishing right away or begin to find your way around the Blogger Dashboard .

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