WhatsApp Is Killing Popular 3rd Party WhatsApp+ Client By Temporarily Banning Users Until They Switch To The Official App

11:17 am

WhatsApp is one of the world's most popular messaging services, and with popularity comes interest from the 3rd party development community. WhatsApp, though, is now a Facebook property, and what once may have seemed like flattery is now being pursued as a TOS violation. The hugely popular client WhatsApp+ is the target of this ire, and WhatsApp seems to be taking no prisoners - WhatsApp+ users are getting 24 hours bans from the WhatsApp service, and are being directed to download the official app on the Play Store instead.

If this seems a tad draconian, that's because it is! While I think we can all understand WhatsApp's desire to maintain control of the user experience of its service, WhatsApp+ has been around for years, and users of the enhanced client are understandably furious at WhatsApp's decision to start dropping 24-hour banhammers like it's release day for a new Call Of Duty on Xbox.
Users are given a 24-hour countdown timer and directed to what appears to be an un-indexed page on WhatsApp's official FAQ , shown below in video

The implication of the language at the end would seem to be that continued use of WhatsApp+ will result in continued bans, so it's pretty safe to say, I think, that the app is basically dead, at least for now. WhatsApp+'s Google+ page has been updated with a statement by the page owner, saying that users should "use the normal whatsapp till a fix is found.. Very sorry for this issue as whatsapp is pushing us into a car er [sic]" - I think he means corner. Either way, I wouldn't take much solace in those words, as it sounds like WhatsApp is very much trying to shut the third-party app down for good.


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