The 5 reasons why you should read Sachin’s Autobiography- Playing it my Way

1.Got to know more about Sachin’s Life

As it’s an autobiography, so it is too obvious that you will get to know more about Sachin, but the purpose is not to only know more about him but to learn from him. His failures, his success, his love, his responsibilities, everything has been so deeply expressed by Sachin. And some facts really gave me a Blow.

2.Learn Determination Skills from this man who has love for Perfection

If you have missing out on your goals, then this book is for you. Amazing determination of Sachin has made the world call him “Master Blaster”. Though I am a short-tempered person, but after reading how Sachin came out as a calm and composed person in all circumstances, actually made me doubt my instincts.

3.Best Pictures of Sachin’s Life, some are not even public

Some pictures are really close to Sachin’s heart. Sachin has share publicly the pictures of the great moments of his life. Moments he can never forget, moments he can never let go off. Moments which made him the Cricket Legend.

4.A Combo of Pals, Love, Passion, Phone Calls, Inspiration, Motivation

You might think that this book is only for those who like cricket or like Sachin. Sachin has also shared the light moments of his love life which will get you going through the book. And at point of time you will not feel bored. And the feeling of motivation that I got, I think it’s never ending.

5.Career Satistics

Even though we are very much aware of the number of runs Sachin has scored but then taking a look at his career stats actually made me more ambitious for my goals, my targets, my passion. This book will really change my style of executing things.

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Source : and the above view was the opinion of ca. Neeraj sir 

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