How to Change Folder Colours in Windows OS

In this article we are going to discuss that How to change folder color in windows 7 and 8. You have long-faced identical yellow folder icon on Windows for a protracted time, doing some minor changes we can change the size and shape of the folder but the color. Windows OS does not provide any option that allows you to change the color of the folder. With many folders among folders, it’s undoubtedly difficult to identify the folder you’re probing for at any purpose in time. Changing the color of the folder icon might assist you spot and differentiate folders simply, instead of simply rely on the folder name.

Change folder color in windows 7 and 8 using Folder Colorizer
Now I am going to tell you How to change folder color in windows 7 and 8 using Folder Colorizer, a desktop application which will change you to vary the color of your folder icons and facilitate reorganize your folders.
Bring color to your desktop with Folder Colorizer, a straightforward app that enables you to assign any color to your folders. Folder Colorizer is incredibly easy. Folder Colorizer is very simple and easy app that permits you to select any color for your folders.

Click here to download Folder Colorizer. 
Live Demo – Video Tutorial 

Still facing any issues in downloading / in Colourizing the Folders ? Let us know in comments. We will help you in solving your issues if any.
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