How to Bypass an Websites

8:23 pm

Now-a-days many bloggers and website owners are using, Adfocus, LinkBucks and some other Ad Network Programs for making large amount of money. But unfortunately in some countries like India and other is banned therefore Indian can't bypass links. Also its damn riddiculas that everywhere you go on internet you will see damn download links equipped with shorten urls, well, today I'm going to explain about "How to Bypass Adfocus, LinkBucks and Other Ad Network Links with"

To Open an Link :

Add  “ https:// ” before the website and the website will be opened even in the countries which it was blocked

To Bypass an Website :

Go to and copy the link and paste in the website and click on the button “Deadfly”

Live Demo – Video Tutorial 

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    If so, have you ever used EroAdvertising?

  2. Did you know that you can create short urls with AdFly and receive dollars for every click on your shortened links.


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